Thursday, January 21

Progression, gold making update

Jeri is progressing nicely currently level 71.5 I am around 50% done with the tundra quest and starting to tire of its landscape and of doing the same quest for a 3rd time. I have ran my daily dungeon almost every day giving me around 10 badges to use when im 80 i hope to have enough badges to buy 2 peices of teir gear. The LFD daily reward is a good incentive for leveling players because it will give access to some of the better gear allowing for quicker entrance into heroics and raids. Im glad blizzard added feature to the LFD tool because if they hadn't getting in any raid would be practicly impossible for me.

I recently broke 25k gold which was my next goal after i broke the 10k barrier. My income has slowed down possibly because more of my play time is focused on leveling as opposed to AH whorring. I actually would be at higher than 25k gold but invested in buying titanium powder and titanium ore so that my cousin could get more gem cuts. The investment has paid off i maid back my 5k gold and still have 5 or so epic gems that sell at 200g each to sell. I have ran out of stock on my belt buckles, titanium rods, and earth seige gems. So ill need to begin restocking these also i need to begin collecting netherweave the bag market has rebound a bit and bags are selling between 13-16g. I also plan to invest in mats for crusader and fiery enchants they sell steadily and can bring me a few grand a week. Speaking on enchants running dungeons has earned me quite a collection of dust im begging to think about paying for some weapon enchant scrolls for lvl 80 to be crafted. Ill share more about this if i do decide to do this I may not though and save the mats to enchant Jeris' gear when he needs it.

I also have discovered a new method to make a little extra gold for a small investment. Im sure many of my readers already do this or know people that do. Buy cooldowns from other players I have been paying 75g + mats for alchemist to transmute gems. The cost per gem is roughy 95g when i get these cut i turn around and can sell them for 60-100g profit. ALso keep an eye on the raw epic gems i need to set snatch up to begin snatching epic gems when they fall below a certain price i belive 30g profit per cut gem would be a good start. Sometimes the alchemist will sell me the procs for 75g each which further enhances the profit im making.

Goals for next week
  • craft 20 belt buckles
  • craft 20 titanium rods
  • craft20 earth seige meta gems( explore alternate cuts to diversify instead of one cut)
  • purchase and bolt netherweave with the intent of raising bag prices and saving bag space.
  • stock up on crusader and fiery weapon mats need to make at least 5-10 of each.


  1. One more goal clean out my tab 4 bak tab its cluttered with stuff that hasn't sold and its bothering me.

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