Wednesday, January 27

Thorium ore prospecting

A while ago i read a tip that stated thorium ore gems sold well. I forgot where i read this but i did. so the idea is not my own but i did test it out. I purchased 2 stacks of thorium ore for around 70g. Then i had my cousin prospect them for the gems. Total i got around 9 gems that sold from 14g-20g each and 2 blue crystals which dont sell for crap around 1g if your lucky on my server.

This method seems like a promissing venture so what im going to do is set snatch to begin grabbing stacks of thorium ore at 35g or lower. I hope to give you an update tomorrow on how many stacks i can get and proper count on gems and what type of gems. After i do this ill have an accurate representation on how profitable this could be.

In other news I ran into an awful pug group for old kingdom. IT was going ok Or as my pugs usualy go with me topping meters and dps generally slacking imo. Then we reached the first boss that spawns guardians thats when the shit hit the fan. None of the dps killed the guardians and the boss stayed immune for way to long. Eventually we wiped after i blew all my cool downs and the healer self rezed I decided to ditch the group i have a low idiot tolerance and wast trying to finish up before class. I hate to say it but if i continue to get groups that fail that bad ill actually have to make a post dedicated to how bad it was.

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  1. Made rough calculations on this and will try it out. Will post my results on my newly started blog