Monday, January 25


Recently i read a blog post stating that wow would be harder without addons. I'm not sure i agree with this one hundred percent. Parts of wow would be hard with out addons. Playing the AH would definatly become a chore and the economy of wow would slow down a good bit. Mainly because the time consuming nature of posting auctions. I dont belive the fighting part of wow would become any harder. I have raided with the bassic UI since pre-BC days. The only addons i use that are combat related are omnicc and recount. I used to use Deadly boss mod and decursive back when i had 40 people to cleanse. One of my friends is the same way uses nothing but default wow window to heal. We were discussing wether we thought having a custom Ui would make wow easier. We both belive that for combat there is no need for all the addons people claim they cant live without. The only thing needed is keybindings that you know like the back of your hand and understanding of your rotations and proper situational usage of spells.

I've seen claims of people stating they cant heal without grid to me i just wonder why not. Default raid UI isn't that bad. It shows debuffs and health all you need to be a good healer. Some people state they need clique to heal i ask why again. keybind your heals 1-4 on action bar with a modifier if you need to then point and click the target then click the button for the spell needed. With coordination its as instantaneous as clique and for me more comfortable just like whack a mole. Addons make a job different but not necessarily harder for me. Can i play wow without my 2 combat addons sure it just makes things different instead of numbers for cooldowns i have a shade that changes. Instead of knowing how the dps is doing i just kill and do what im supposed to in ignorance of how everyone is contributing to a group.

I believe wow can be played well with or without any addons. All an addon does is represent the same data presented by the game in a different way. Instead of showing the cooldown timer as numbers its a shaded clock on buttons. Instead of debuffs being on the mob you have a debuff timer off to the side. Instead of having a raid leader looking for an add to spawn you have a addon that states that it spawned. Getting rid of DBM would make raiding harder until raid leaders lost their pride in dps etc and used their eyes to do what DBM does. ALso getting rid of things such as Decursive again and addons that play for you by represnting what moves to use would make the game harder for incompetent people. I dont think it would make it harder for me because i dont have to use those addons to prop myself up.


  1. What I usually dont understand, is why people want to "click" to heal. You just said "Point and click the target" ... why the click? Why not not point, and press the button on the keyboard that has a convenient mouseover macro?

    It saves SO much time and is much less strain on the mouse hand ... beats me why people would choose to use clique, or click to change targets while healing.

  2. I love mouseover macros too :) Too much mouse-clicking makes my arm sore (I have underlying medical issues). I would say the only addon that makes healing easier for me is x-perl unit frames. I have them set to healer mode so I can see the p deficit however this is a bonus, I managed to heal just fine before I set them to healer mode. I also use SmartDebuff for decursing. Although I have a lot of addons, very few of them are to do with combat or healing, they are mostly to help myself stay organised, eg, ArkInventory, Possessions, Altoholic, ATSW etc.

  3. good to see some coments. Mouseover macros would be nice i have not done research into them. ITs essentially the same thing minus the clicking to target so it would probably be similar to what im used to. Anyone know a good addon that tallies up gold total ?

  4. @bobbreaze If you're using Fubar, MoneyFu. I'm sure there are others.

  5. I love mouseover macros mostly because I got caught out too many times thinking I was healing the tank, having clicked his unit frame, only to realise I was healing someone completely different because I hadn't clicked properly! I got my mouseover macro from the PlusHeal forum ( and it works beautifully :D