Wednesday, January 20

RL indeed > WOW l

Sorry for the lack of post. This is my first week back in school. The rush of a new semester and trying to get ready to graduate takes alot of time. i have been doing alot of studying for a certification test i need to take to qualify for graduation. I have to pass the Net+ cert. test which i hear is easy. Since i hate test i got a book to help me prepare; the book is titled Exam Cram: comptia network+ 3rd edition. It is a great book that is helping me remember network concepts fromm over a year ago. In fact i just reviewed IP adressing which is a real pain. After passing this test and finishing the semester ill have my associates in computer networking. Maybe then ill be able to find a job in t he computer feild.

Being back in school means i miss spending time with my family. so I have been using my free time to recoupe the lost time with them instead of playing wow. I hope to give good post while still in school but if they aren't quality or suffer its because im taking care of the important matters. Hope that this doesnt affect my readers to much i can do post from work but they may not be gold related due to lack of access to wow information.

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