Thursday, January 28

2 post thursday.

Im frustrated with leveling Jeri. I hit 73 and finaly started running new instances. The spider dungeon is easy but Old Kingdom has been hell. Im taking massive damage and my luck at having decent heals has been fail. Blizzard realy didnt plan the lower level dungeon loot well. Should have full blue tank set by running early dungeons IMO. Instead we only get 1 ring drop and you dont even do thed ungeon until lvl 73.

Im going to look into the crafted blue tank set. Its better than nothing and will help my mitigation out. I also will probably invest in a few enchants i have extra mats and a enchanter. I hate feeling super squishy and thats what its like atm and thats why i may invest some gold in gear. Im probably going to take a dungeon break only do my daily then quest since the luck of the draw with players has stunk recently and i hear grizzly hills is fun. I've never been there so it will be new and thats always good.


  1. I can empathise with this. When I spent time about 6 months ago levelling my pally up for some serious tanking action, practising in dungeons pre 80 was tricky, expecially in the early 70's. IT was really only after 75 that you could start gathering decent gear.
    Have faith mate, ye will get there soon enough.

  2. yeh. I am currently 73.8 so ill hit 74. It just kills me that people want more tanks however the best tank gear is quest from dungeons or green BOE cobalt tank set. THats lame and should be fixed