Monday, January 11

Blacksmithing: Wands Made of Gold

With my recent post on BS i got alot of good feed back which i appreciate greatly. Some suggestions were that i should look into crafting wands for to sell on the AH. At first i rejected this idea mainly because of laziness. Well i got off my lazy butt over the weekend and decided that if i had the profession to take advantage of a market i should. After looking at my BS to find which wands i would want to produce i decided that there were only 4 worth crafting. The 4 i decided on were arcanite rods, fel iron rods, true silver rods, and titanium rods these were the least common rods on the AH with little to no competition. The next step i performed was calculating cost of mats and expected selling price of each rod.

( List of all rods and their mats)

True Silver Rod - (1 truesilver Bar, 1 Heavy Grinding Stone) - (6.1g* materials raw have to smelt) - (sells for 17g)- (10.9g profit)

Arcanite Rod- (3 Arcanite Bars, 1dense grinding stone) - (12g, 1s,* Arcanite transmuted only cost effective way) - ( sells for 70g, ) - ( 58g profit)

Fel Iron Rod- (6 Fel Iron Bars) - (24g) - (sells for 60g )- (36g profit)

Titanium Rod- (2 Saronite Bars, 1 Titanium Bar) - (23g) - (sells for 60g )-(37g profit)

The list above states all the mats needed to craft a rod and its estimated selling point and estimated profit. I suggest that anyone wishing to craft rods buy the mats in bulk. Generally most stacks of 20 will be cheaper than individual bars and gems. For the arcanite rods find a alchemist that can transmute arcanite generally the mats to transmute arcanite bars are cheaper than buying the bars. I plan to craft 10 rods to sell of each type if the mats cost are to high i may not craft that particular rod. Currently the most profitable rod is the arcanite although titanium and fel iron rods can have pretty good profit margins.

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  1. glad to see you have tryed these rod's out.

    I must have made around 2000g in the last seven days of titanium and arcanite rod's alone.

    it also help's if you have a transmutations master craft you arcanite. Its always great to see [Arcanite bar]x5 :)

    good luck doing this :)

    xoxo anaalius