Thursday, January 28

thorium ore test

A few days ago I posted about how prospecting thorium seemed like a profitable method of making gold. While I am not the person to come up with the idea I felt i should share it with my readers. To demonstrate the profit for prospecting thorium ore i wanted to invest a decent sum of gold so i spent 1k gold on 32 stacks of thorium ore. The average cost per stack of thorium was 31.25g however each stacks varied in price from 30g-35g each. I placed these in the guild bank and my cousin was kind enough to prospect them free of charge. Below ill list the amount of gems gathered how much they sell for and the total gold that each gem type will sell for.

45 Azerothian Diamond x 13g each = 617g total
31 Huge Emerald x 16g each = 500g total
35 Blue Sapphire x 2g each = 70g total
28 Large Opal x 14g each = 415g total
18 Star Ruby x10g each = 182g total

1784g total - 1000g investment = 784g profit
For 20 minutes of work and an investment of 1k gold It seems that thorium ore prospecting will generate close to 800g profit. To me this seems like a great investment and will definitely be on my snatch list. The reason i suggest using this method is because thorium ore is a bottle neck in JC and will allow you to make great profit. By purchasing the ore you keep JC from getting it cheaply forcing them to buy your gems, mine their own ore, or invest in over priced thorium that will not always provide the gems they need to level.
There are some general notes i want to share with you on things to look out for. These gems fluctuate in price + or -10g at times try to take advantage of selling high. Don't be scared to wait for a bit for cheaper gems to sell if their not at the price point you want. Another thing that can be done with this market is the purchase of other peoples gems to flip. Don't try and monopolize but sometimes there may be 3-4 gems that would drop your price 4-5g. Why not purchase them and flip them up to the price you want make profit on them and sell your gems where you want. I would not however try and monopolize a market generally you will fail and loose allot of gold in the process. Well that's all my advice on thorium so get to prospecting and post your results in the comments.


  1. Nice to see that you also had profits. Didn't think about the flipping side, thanks for that will try it.