Saturday, October 3

Auctioneer bid low sell normal step by step guide

1) Start scanning AH by pressing the >> button.

2) Wait for scan to finish.

3) After scan concludes and blue text appears in your chat box click the search tab

4) On the left in the search tab hit word searches, this should expand a list.

5) On the list under searches click resale.
6) Set the resale search criteria to 50s profit. Then click search in the lower left of the window.

7) Auctioneer compiles a list of the recently scanned AH.

8) Once the list is complete sort the items by type generally i go through whites first, because that's where most trade skill items are.

9) Go through the list picking items then bidding/buying according to what the bid/buy column says.

10) Remember that some items will broadcast a ridiculous resale but it however may not sell that much.

11) After finishing going through the list empty your mail box. Postal helps with this because it has an open all function.

12) Return to the AH and open the appraiser tab.

13) this is how you should re post items you buy. It allows for market price setting so you don't really have to think about what you should sell it for*.
14) It auto places the items into the AH making it easier on you.
16) wait for the profit to come in. If an item doesn't sell keep re posting it eventually it will sell.

* OK you don't have to think ,but don't trust the addon 100% its a machine it will eventually try and kill us all.


  1. Nice and simple beginners guide to using Auctioneer :)

    My only additional advice would be to always use your common sense, and only buy items that you know of!

    Some random item you've never heard of going to make you 300g profit for a 10g buyout? Wowhead it! Last thing you want to do is buy a 1s vendor item just because someone is trying to con you!

    Great guide overall, I'm sure it will be of great help to people new to all the confussion of Auctioneer

  2. And in particular, be very careful with armor/weapons/recipes/etc. It's really easy to get stuck with these things that never sell.

    I pretty much follow this sequence daily. In fact I set it to 50% discount and buy-only to make things easier, and still have plenty of stuff to re-sell. I pretty much stick to:

    -green gems
    -dusts/shards and other enchanting mats

    In a word: Mats. Stuff that gets used for making other stuff. I find that the majority of it sells very easily, and with my search criteria I'm (at least!) doubling my money.

    It's not a super-huge moneymaker (it's no goblin inscription business) but it ain't bad and it's steady, and it takes less than a half hr a day.

  3. Great comment Jarnow Those are the things i generaly stick to too. However i do bid and while not being a huge moneymaker it has a stead income and will allow someone to easily afford their flyer and other miscelaneous cost.