Thursday, October 22

A wonderful insight in how to profit from inscription.

Seth At one-copper.comgreat post on inscription. With excellent comments check it out.


here is the best comment by Amin which i guess is Seth.
" I am still finishing up Northrend research so I am still using my ink. I do however “just mill it all”. I will periodically put up extra Ink or Sea and Snowfall just to see if it will sell. Sometimes, a few do but not many at least on my server.
What I have been doing instead is buying goldclover for 16g stack, milling it into pigments and getting avg 20 Azure and 1 Icy per stack. I turn the Azure into IotS and sell the Icy. I take the IotS and make 5 armor vellum III.
Now for the math.Stack of GC = 16g20 Resilient parchment(46s/each) to make the vellums = 9g 20sTotal spent = 25g 20s
Armor Vellum III made = 10 @ 6g 75s (after AH fees)Icy Pigment sold = 10g – 12gTotal gold made = 78g 5s
Total profit from one stack of GoldClover = 53g 85s
I bought 6 stacks of GC the other day and did this, profit after 24 hour AH sales – 317g 10s"

Go check it out it is a great post.

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