Saturday, October 10

Need quick cash

Do you need quick cash to pay for a repair or something else? here is some useful tips on how to make a quick buck or two.

  1. Go kill low level food providers. Monsters such as boars, murclocs, crawlers drop low level foods such as clam meat, boar meat crawler meat, and the occasional pearls.
  2. Farm low level instances for cloth, greens, and give runthroughs so you have more bag space. Find lowbies that need scarlet monastary or ZF run them through for free with the clause they pick up all the loot. Any greens they dont need for an upgrade is yours also all the cloth. You can either give them the blue boss drops or take them for resale. AH most of the loot you get and you should make good profit with only killing while the lowbie loots.
  3. If your an enchanter running strat and scholomance killing all the bosses in both sides of strat and scholomance will get you alot of enchanting mats. If you have crusader make the scrolls and sell crusader enchants. Disenchant the loot for mats sell off the dream dust and illusion dust. The greater essence is good to sell also. Keep LBS and Righteous orbs for crusader. Also rune cloth can nab you a good bit of gold or you can craft items if your a tailor to DE and sell.
This is just a few tips why don't you guys share more in the comments. Also for the typos this was done in 5 minutes.

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