Thursday, October 15

Undercutting Its the name of the game.

Have you ever posted a ton of items hoping they sell and 2 days later you check your mail and they all return to you. There are two reason for this one is some items just have no buyers or very few buyers. Things i put in this category are Epic BOEs, Blues, cured leathers, some meats. The other reason is you got undercut and the market moved below your price and stayed there. Most of the time there is no way to prevent undercutting but you can minimize the damages.

One way to reduce the damage is to not place your entire stock of items on the AH at one time. Separating it out and posting 30 here and there will make sure that 2 hours later you can post more of the items up. But this time you will be the undercutters dropping the price to a level you deem acceptable as long as its below the competition. However you may still be undercut even after undercutting. This is how markets deflate when players keep undercutting each other lower and lower. Example of this last Friday Netherweave bags were selling for around 13g today they sold for 7g30s. This happened for 2 reasons an abundance of netherweave cloth and me dumping my stock of netherweave with no care how low the price got because it was profit anyways.

One way to curb the damages from not selling because you are undercut is to post auctions for shorter intervals. Instead of posting for 48 hours with a higher deposit. Try posting for 12 hours with a lower deposit to the AH. That away if you do run out of supplies or items you get them returned sooner if your undercut so that you can re post them at the new market price.

Undercutting is a common practice used by players to sell items fast. You can use this to your advantage. In the bid low sell normal process I say look for items that are commonly used see if it says buy or bid. Most of the time when Auctioneer says buy it may be because of undercutting. Some scrub players of wow want to sell quick so they will post items that would sell for about 6g for 3g. This is where you can make some serious profit purchasing these kind of items and reselling them for the normal cost.

So now that your informed that undercutting is a fact of life. Use the tips i provided to not prevent it but mitigate the damage. Also make use of the free gold scrubs dump into the AH all day long. Sell it and make your gold and lol at how easy it was. Use undercutting to make sure your items sell but don't be silly with your undercuts a few silver is all it takes.


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  2. I wanted a more concise post than my first one so I removed and reposted. :)

    I make most of my gold undercutting but for me it "is" how I make gold. I use the undercut gold to make more gold.

    Example: On a new DK, I get a deviate hatchling farming greens to DE and level enchanting.

    I have 300g currently after buying my flying skill for Outland questing.

    The AH has one hatchling up at 1046g while auctioneer is showing a current value of 936g. I put mine up at 950g almost 100g cheaper than the competition. An undercut? Not really. Well next day I get it back in my mailbox. I check again and there are two hatchlings up now at 945g and 938g. Ok, now it is time to undercut. I put it up at 785g, set it at 12h and bang ithin the hour, it sells.

    Now I have 1000g on my DK. Undercutting is my money maker.

    Now, I am the WOW AH scrub posting a severe undercut but I now also have 1000g and didn't have to repost things 3-4 times or cancel auctions or whatever and I am on to other things.

    Could I have made more buy undercutting only 1s or 1c? Probably. Would it have taken more time? Most likely.

    Now just remember I am also the guy that is buying senegal cages and parrot cages in booty bay for 40s and selling them on the AH for 10-20g daily. Guess what, I am undercutting those by 10-20g as well but then again, I see mine everyday and how much did I spend? 40s

    I love undercutting and my capped Rogue sitting on 30k does too - most of his came from undercutting and he rarely ever has to post an auction more than once.

  3. Good point sometimes undercutting can get you big sells. Currently though the items i deal with big undercuts in items that move quick such as mats just makes me profit. With big ticket items or pets undercutting is the way to go to get sells. I get undercut all day long in my bag market but i also undercut them you have to so yours sell. but in this market a 5g undercut will kill your profit which is only around 1-6g.

  4. Currently though the items i deal with big undercuts in items that move quick such as mats just makes me profit.

    What i mean by this is in crafting mats a 3g undercut to a stack of copper ore makes it around 2g. I purchase this and repost it for 5g and make back the money i spent plus 200% profit. the wow ah noob gets his 2g and thinks wow that was fast im happy not realizing he could have posted it for 5g and made more. thats what i meant by taking advantage of undercutting.