Tuesday, October 13

Diary Entry: The weekend rush

So this weekend i have not been posting much. For that i am sorry i have a report on my progress for the weekend. If you remember i was sitting at 3.7k gold Friday. Here is a picture of where i ended up just 5 minutes ago.

Im now sitting at 7k gold a mere 3k from my goal. That is around 1k gold a day give or take. It actually could be 900g more but a 500g loan to my cousin and a 400g investment in trying to flip an epic took that. I could make 300g-600g profit on the epic though.

I did this by selling netherweave bags which have dropped from 13g to around 8.30g I've sold a ton I had a bunch of bolts as you saw in a previous post. well now i have depleted my stockpile and i'm going to have to start purchasing netherweave cloth to stay in the bag market. I also sold enchanting scrolls crusader and fiery weapon were the top sellers i made a decent profit even though i purchased the mats. Another method i used was doing a daily transmute of the +30 stamina gems. I got lucky with this and created 5 at once got to love transmute spec. Also i leveled my warrior and found some cobolt ore and a few green BOEs. These were sent to my enchanter to DE and sell off the mats. Upon review though i probably could have enchanted some scrolls and sold the enchants for more.

So now you know what i've been up to for the last few days. Maybe it will allow you to create your own ideas on how to make gold. I plan to hit my target goal in just a few days time.

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  1. The idea of transmuting gems also hit me the other day, so I immediately picked up one of my alts and am now trying to level it to at least 65, so I can get 450 alchemy and start transmuting the epics.