Monday, October 26

Learning the value of items.

When you play the auction house alot like i do you start learning what items are good value and which items should be passed on. This applies even if auctioneer says buy the item because auctioneer can be wrong. Im not sure of the best way to tell you to learn what items are good to buy and which to ignore. I did it by buying items i would see that had huge profits and after siting on something i paid 4g for that didnt sell for the 30g auctioneer said it would i just vendored it. I bought something and got burned that was the way i learned what sold and didn't.

To help out with your learning im going to list items i like to buy and items i stay away from.

Items that i like buying.
  • Ore and Bars(copper,tin,iron,mithril,true silver, silver, thorium) these are the best gold making ores if you can get them cheap. However the higher levels are good to.
  • Cloth( i try to stick to netherweave, runecloth, mageweave, and frostweave) the investment in wool is to big for a possible loss. Linen cloth doesn't offer great returns.
  • Herbs every level of herb is free game they all have great returns.
  • meat (clam, boar, turtle, rhino, worg) these all sell great clam meat is worth its weight in gold.
  • gems if i see blue gems that are half of the 30g they can move at ill purchase them all. The lower level green gems can also make good profit.
  • enchanting mats ( small radiant shards, large brilliant shards, and righteous orbs) these make great sellers as crusader and fiery enchants.
  • leather it all sells well. But be ware the hides are not that great.
  • Crystallized elements as well as eternal elements

Things that may not be good buys

  • Gear (green,blue, Epic) I stay away from gear it can be a good investment but i think the risk is to high. The only gear i do buy are twink items and occasionaly epic items above 213 Item level.
  • Watch for out rageous prices netherweave banadages wont sell for 2k gold so dont waste 100g on something that is obviously a waste.
  • Bandages i dont find these to be a great investment.
  • glyphs sure you could possibly picup 100s of glyphs for 1g but the chances of selling them i dont think are that great.


  1. Another thing to keep in mind with Ore and Bars, buy them in bulk and sell them at cheaper prices. I occasionally buy Thorium bars at full stacks and then sell the bars individually for huge profit. Some people only want a few of each item and don't want to spend so much on full stacks. Also check your server's prices, meats and cooking mats don't sell well on my server at all.

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  3. Thats whiy i only give advice and suggest that players take into account their own environment. Markets are diffrent from server to server so what i say may or may not be true for your server.