Friday, October 9

Diary Entry: Starting out

So i've started my quest towards making 10k gold. Here is the a picture of my guild bank tab starting out.

I have a few herbs which if i can find cheap frost lotus ill make some flask. Also as you can see im sitting at 3.75k gold which is a good start. I plan to make the netherweave into bags to sell and have my cousin cut the gems in this tab to sell. Also ill be using auctioneer to bid low sell normal. I hope to break 5k this weekend maybe even 6k if the bag market is hot. I hope to use netherweave bags as my main source of income so my gold will fluctuate as i buy netherweave to supply my bags. This morning i made 600 bolts of netherweave which cost me around 1k gold. I shouldn't need any more netherweave for a while however it may be worth my time to buy it up to keep my competition from having it. I hope this entry is informative into more of what im doing please comment with critiques or ideas on how i can improve my methods.


  1. I did the same with the bag market - building a stock and then buying up everything cheap to stop the competition having it, although try not to go overboard!

    Sell them cheaper than the competition can afford to get the mats at the start. While your profit margin will be very low, it puts a lot of people off even trying to sell bags. I was listing 60 at a time at 5g50s each, when the standard price was almost three times that.

    As a result, there are now only two other people trying to sell netherweave bags any more - and both seem to be listing less and less!

    Also try not to underestimate how many bags you can sell. Try listing 40, and as long as you aren't constantly undercut I'd guarantee you can sell them all in a 48 hour listing :)

  2. my market is busy sold 150 bags in one weekend