Friday, October 16

gold making theory.

Does your gold work for you or do you work for your gold? I wonder if you ask this question to most wow players what the answer would be. I assume they would answer that they work for their gold. I am generalizing here but most wow players don't use their current gold to make gold. They use it for things they need/want. Then when they need more they have to work for it again doing dailies or farming.

As a AH player I use most of my gold to make gold. Which also allows me to cover the cost of wipes, enchants, gems, and gear the things a general wow player worries about. It also allows me to purchase luxuries and not have to struggle for gold. This is the benefit of making your gold work for you. you still have to work some to make gold, but not nearly as hard or as long as a player that grinds dailies and farms. Like in an earlier post a farmer that maxes out making only 300g an hour will never match a player that crafts items and can make 300g in 15 minutes. The only difference is the person making 300g in 15 minutes had to spend gold to make it. However he will make profit either way. Depending on the professions the profit should be good. So don't work to hard for your gold make it work for you.

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