Wednesday, October 21

Diary Entry: 40th post its a good day.

So last night I reached my short term goal of making 10k gold. This is a good mile stone and it is a hard hill to climb. It seemed like the closer I got to 10k the slower i made gold. I even had a few days with no auctions. The reason for this was RL is > than wow gold making. Also other projects and needs with wow. Sometimes its good to take a few days off from the AH and enjoy other aspects of wow.

So with that short term goal i need to decide what my next goal should be. Gold wise i believe the next stepping stone should be 25k. However I am not going to focus or work as hard as i did for 10k. I will work 30 minutes a day on it maybe more if its a crafting afk session.The other goal is to level my shaman and his JC/mining up so i can take advantage of D/E materials and cutting gems. Currently he is level 11 so i have a ways to go before reaching the cap. Another goal that i may or may not set after making some gold is to finish my BS up by buying materials. This could potentially offer me a more lucrative market to use to make gold than the bag market.

Ill have an update post in a few hours showing a picture with the gold and with a summary of how i made it all.

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