Monday, October 5

About yesterday

I'm sorry i was not able to post yesterday life and wow got in the way. Yesterday I decided to get my BS leveled to 350. To do this I used a guide from They have great guides although some of the bar counts for certain items were off. I spent probably around 1k to get all of the mats. However I dont count this as a loss of gold because my time was more wisely spent. It took me half the time to level than it would have if I farmed all my own ore.

I spent 1k gold to level my BS I found a way to make some of the money back. I disenchanted the items i was crafting and sold the mats. After disenchanting and selling the items i made around 600g. Which means that i realy only spent 400g to level my BS to 350. Now im slowly leveling my warrior and leveling both his mining and BS at the same time. Hopefully when i reach eternal belt buckles ill be able to enter that market. Im also going to continue DE the items i make so that i can sell them for profit.


  1. Glad to see you didn't make the mistake of thinking "Mining = free leveling!". So many people do and just ignore ROI.

    Spending time on something you can buy for cheaper than your time is a 'profit'!

    Be interested to hear how the belt buckle market turns out, make sure you keep us updated :)

  2. Sure will. Yeh mining would have taken at least 2 days just for the ore. I can make the 1k gold in less than a day. So i figured that was the better choice

  3. It will probably be slow until i get to buckles i dont get much play time and half of it goes to just doing my AH and bag stuff atm