Wednesday, October 21

10k gold

SO YAY 10K gold Im happy. How did i get here thats what this post is about.
  1. Bid Low Sell Normal Daily - netted decent profit from other peoples mistakes.
  2. Crafting Netherweave bags- purchased netherweave and crafted bags for 2-5g profit per bag.
  3. Transmuting Magestic zicron and having it cut into +30 stam gems. Daily transmuting nets 200g easy sometimes more.
  4. Selling enchants Crusader and Fiery these mats can be bought for a 1/3rd of what the scroll sells for.
  5. selling enchanting mats gained from Leveling BS and other random greens. This gained me a fair amount of gold more than selling the items on the AH would have.
  6. Sold a few flask only had to buy the lotus.
these are the methods to my madness that got me to 10k gold.


  1. Gratz on the milestone. I am working towards 50k now myself, just hit 30k last night and have another 12k in Darkmoon cards I hope to move soon. Keep up the good work and thanks for the blog.

  2. No problem good progress i need to level my inscriptionist