Thursday, October 22

Diary Entry: An experience in raising the price.

So on my path to making 10k gold i did a test that sought out to see if I could affect the price of netherweave bags systematicly. To do this i relied heavily on Auctioneer addons "Snatch Search filter" to purchase netherweave in bulk. I would purchase 700g of netherweave a day for about 3-11g each per stack the average is around 7g. This left very little options to my competition the AH only had stacks selling for 15g or more.

After doing this for a few days the market for bags fell in half because other bag makers couldnt get affordable netherweave. I droped bags down to only 20 AHs per day between just my competiton or one page. The price rose to 16g but it was an artificial high created by me buying the netherweave. When i began bagging i would post 30 every 4-8 hours under cutting by 10-50 silver each time. I did this for several days driving bags down to 9g being the lowest i sold for but that was only about 80 out of like 300 bags. A majority sold for 11-13g each. Probably around 1300g expense but i made 2860g out of the deal so 1500g profit.

Another way i managed to turn such a high profit was by keeping my auction times 12 hours . Which meant i got expired auction in a rotation if i posted 30 bags every 4 hours the next day i would have a few bags return in 4 hour intervals giving me more inventory to repost. This gradualy got smaller as the inventory sold i had less expired auctions. but this allowed me to have higher post rates keeping my auctions underneath my competition in cost and letting me make more sells. I would suggest any savy banker try messing with posting times to see if they get better results and higher returns with their gold.

Try it out to see if it works for you

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