Wednesday, October 7


Well today I got a great review on my blog from A couple of his critiques hit home and after reflecting on them made since. So while I'm not going to stop giving my ADHD gold tips. I plan to try to shift my personal gold focus.

Currently I'm trying multiple markets and making a decent amount of gold. What i may have better success at is focusing on one main market and bidding low selling normal. Does this mean ill drop all the other markets I'm working on no. I'm not going to stop my 20 second transmute daily and selling the gem that's 200g a day for 20 seconds. Nor am i going to stop bid low sell normal because it generates good steady income. What I do plan on doing is examining my AHs current market and finding a niche where i can generate the most profit. Then i will leave what ill call diary entries here on the blog about how this is going.

Also I changed the layout of the blog and plan to test this for a few weeks. Please leave comments on it so i can better serve you the information i have. Also I need some advice on what i should look for in my market to know if its a good idea. Currently i have 430 enchanter/tailor 450 alchemist/herb 350 BS w/ 365 mining, and 342 inscriptionist. Any tips or advice on what works for the professions to make good gold is great. Currently i have a pretty big stock of netherweave bolts so i may see what kind of fun i can do in this market. So look for a new diary entry tomorrow.


  1. I have to admit, I'm loving the new layout. It was a lot easier on the eyes. Not that I had a problem with the old layout, but this one was better :)

    For advice, I guess any twink enchants with enchanting are great, like the agility enchants from Timbermaw. Those sell fairly well, without costing a lot to craft. And with tailoring, in addition to making Netherweave Bags, the Sporeggar tailoring bags sell quite good.

    Not a lot of advice, I know, but I'm quite new to this so I haven't tried a lot of stuff yet :)

  2. if this is the layout that ah-whoring was talking about, then he's retarded. I think this site is very well put together and easy to read.

  3. No this is an all new layout due to his comments im already loving it too.

  4. Nope, I'm not retarded this is a new theme :)

    And my what a theme it is! Couldn't agree more with Travisbeck (apart from about me being retarded!) it is very well laid out and easy to read.

    10,000% improvement over the previous one!

    Glad you liked the review ;)

  5. LoL. Sarainy you never cease to crack me up