Tuesday, October 6

Time is Money

The saying time is money is what will drives some of my decisions. It does this for 2 reasons one i don't have much play time and two I hate repetitive farming. So how can you put this saying to work in wow. Stop farming look to see if you can buy the mats for less than people pay for the item. If you can you just saved time which means you can spend more time crafting things to sell. With more time to make stuff to sell you have more inventory which means more items to sell which means more money coming in.

A farmer can make 300g/hour if they know what they are doing and don't get bored. I can craft 30 bags in 15 minutes which makes 300g if i sell them cheap on my server. Will i make that 300g instantly no but neither will the farmer he has to either cod or AH his supplies just like me. The difference is while he can max out at 300g an hour and I'm making 300g (theoretical) in 15 minutes then I have a potential to make 3 times the gold as the farmer in an hour. So while yes farming is free gold the farmer just supplies the crafter making 1k gold - the cost of mats. Some people like farming its not a bad way to make gold just don't assume its the fastest.

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  1. Couldn't agree more! It is all about ROI.

    If your gold/time is better than a farmer's gold/time then that's what matters.

    If you spent 1k on mats and 30 minutes to make my profit, and he spent 5 hours to make the same, then you are far better off than he is for your investment!

    This is why people who say "I mined all my own ore to level blacksmithing so it was free!" are morons :)