Thursday, October 1

Reading List

So I decided today to share the different blogs I read and what I like about them.They are in no particular order other than i use WoW Economics page to see if the other sites have new post.

World of Warcraft 100k Gold Challenge -
Author: I don't know his name.
I don't know much about the author or I would post his name. His goal is to make 100k he started as a fresh level 80 and has made it to 73000g. He has funny post and informative ones. He doesn't stick to just one method to make gold its very diverse.

A Gnome's Conquest
Author: Carbon
He uses post that show the math and mentality on how to make gold. Not sure that he has a goal other than having allot of money. He has a great writing style that doesn't drown readers in math. Also he uses real world examples to show how his inscription machine works even if he sells a few glyphs for a loss.

Author: Sarainy
His blog is about nothing but making gold. He is leveling a pally and making gold from professions while doing it. He is very knowledgeable about the different aspects of gold making and shares it in an entertaining read. Also like the fact he updates his total gold on character with each post.

Greedy Goblin
Author: Gevlon
He knows how to make gold heck hes basicly a gold making god. He is the sole reason the term goblin exists as an AH strategy term. He has long informative post which can take time to read but they are well thought out. There are only 2 cons one is I wish he had a better way to view his backlog of post. The other is he focuses on guild/ raid information analysis for me sorry gevlon i only skim them. However he does have his humorous stupid people post that will make you laugh.

Hit The Cap
Tella is a talented author that is using different methods to try and reach the gold cap of 214kg. She currently resides at 92kg which is impressive. She may have gotten a bad report for advertising in fellow bloggers comments but she was like me just wanting to say I'm here check it out. So far her blog is heading in the right direction i hope she can keep it up and give even more details of how she is making 14kg a week.

Just My Two Copper
Author: Markco
This is the guy that started it all for me showing me how to make my first 1kg with no dalies. He post short to the point post about various ways to make gold. Another thing he does is post farming locations and routes. The forums and community surrounding this site is the most generous around. If you truly want to make gold and perfect the art of making gold you spend a good bit of time here.

Morgraan's Corner
Author: Morgraan
Morgraan Post detailed well thought out post. He is like me and starting out with his blog whether restarting it or whatever. So while he may not have many post he does take the time to think about them before posting. Unlike me i just poop out whatever my mind thinks.

My Auction House Banker
Author: Kevin Marquette
Kevin is a very good inscription guru. He has made a ton of gold and runs the glyph market on his server. He also shares about addons he uses and creates. If you want to learn about how to break into the inscription market check out his backlog of post. They are all informative and will teach you what you need to know.

One Copper
Author: Seth
Great post about wow related gold making that's all that needs to be said. He is also thinking about starting a podcast it could be interesting definitely worth looking into.

Too Greedy
Author: Blackwolf
Too Greedy is a MVP at JMTC which means he knows his stuff. He just switched to horde and finally is getting a real raiding experience. Recently his post have been about the new experiences of horde which is always fun to hear.

These are the blogs i read daily I hope that you guys enjoyed hearing about it. Also to all those listed leave me a comment if you didn't want the free advertisement i can edit and remove the section about you. I just wanted to share the different perspectives that influence how i make gold with my readers.


  1. The name's Blackwolf :)

    Nice blog you have here, keep up the good work!

  2. Oops, sorry. I'm the author of Too Greedy, forgot to mention :)

  3. Hey cool to meet you didnt know your name. Ill edit post to reflect it.

  4. Thanks for the mention Bobreaze!

    Really loving your blog so far, looking forward to more great things from you in the future :)

    Also you mentioned a guide previously... as a late reader of your blog I'm not sure what the guide will actually be for?

    I guess that gives me an even greater reason to read through your archives once back home though!

  5. Its a step by step on how to use Auctioneer to bid low sell normal with pictures. Should be up today. I finally got time to write it because of being sick and on the pot for an hour.