Wednesday, October 7

Diary Entry: Goals

So I've decided to setup a diary about the main method I'm using to make goals. As an after thought I also decided that i need to be motivated to pursue this. I needed to set some personal goals. The first goal i decided was that I wanted to break the 10k gold mark.

The reason I chose 10k was I hear its the hardest goal to attain. This is because most people have buy to have what i call the most needed 3. Which are Duo spec, Cold weather flying, and epic flight. While I do agree these are great to have they are not needed well except Cold Weather Flying. However, Most of my toons have Duo spec and only one is missing cold weather flying. As for the epic flight I have only one toon that needs this. I plan on using his goal of getting Flight form at a later date with only that characters professions as a series of diary entries. To get my entries started I'm going to have a post with my inventory and current gold amount. This will allow me to document the ups and downs of how my task is going better.


  1. That's a nice goal and if yous save all that up you'll be well set for Cataclysm. My goal, one I actually reached today, was to get 16k gold and get a traveller's tundra mammoth. but that sets me way back in saving up for alt flying costs and cataclysm hording.

  2. This is turning into a nice little blog (just what I need another blog to read...). I particularly liked the Auctioneer guide as it had lots of bit pictures and simple explanations of what I was looking at. New layout is nice too, though I didn't have any real issues with the old layout either. And don't forget you need that epic flyer, cold weather flying and Dual Spec on all ten alts.. So thats a target of 10K plus 70K or so