Friday, October 23

Using the snatch feature

Ok today im going to post a guide on how to use snach option. I will update it later this evening with pictures so Visual people can see what im talking about. Snatch is a great tool for buying mats to craft things or for buying items your intrested in getting in bulk. The best part is that auctioneer has the snatch function built in so you don't need to get any other addons for this to work. So Im going to give you the step by step on how i use snatch to purchase netherweave for my bag market.

  1. open auctioneer perform the fast scan by pressing the >> button.
  2. after the scan completes go to the search field and select snatch. It should be below resale.
  3. in this screen drag or drop the item you want to bulk buy. In my case netherweave.
  4. Next you need to set the price per item you want to pay. I set mine to 50s per piece of netherweave. This means the most expensive cost of my mats is 10g per stack.
  1. after getting this set you click the add button then click search to let the snatch populate and show you all the items in the range of what you want to pay.
  2. after the list is populated its time for keyboard twister press ctrl alt and shift this turns the purchase button into a purchase all button. Click it and the addon should que up all the items for purchase.
  1. you can see the total cost of items in the lower left hand corner next to the stop button. If you don't wish to spend the total you can buy what you want then use the stop button to clear the buy que.
  1. click yes on the pop up that appears to purchase items do this until all items are purchased or until you reach the limit of what you wish to spend.
  2. Go clean out the mailbox and get to crafting snatch just made it easy to buy over 100 stacks of cloth in 15 minutes.

Another quick point if your only snatching one item it is quicker to just search that item instead of a full scan go through the pages of the item. Then use snatch the auctioneer DB updated the view on netherweave when you viewed all the pages allowing you to snatch in 5 minutes. Instead of having to wait for a scan to finish.


  1. So you can only use Snatch if you have some of the item in your bag?

  2. You need to have at least one of the item in your bag to create the snatch list for that item. After it's created you do not need to keep it in you bag, Auctioneer will remember the item.

    Thanks for the tip about the quick snatch. I never thought of doing that. Makes snatching multiple times a day a little easier as I don't like doing multiple scans a day.

  3. Yeh i use it on my lunch break. Im going to start snatching saronite bars build up a nice stock of those for 3.3. Look at the alchemist change could have big market impact.

  4. by the way great comments guys keep them coming. pics later maybe even tomorrow.

  5. I really liked your previous article on Auctioneer. Having the pictures makes it really easy to understand exactly what you're looking for. Keep posting these guides

  6. Thanks for this handy guide. Never actually looked into what the Snatch thing was. Will most definetely use this to buy netherweave cloth! Keep the guides coming, they're awesome.

  7. Sorry if the pictures arent perfect with this setup the formatting got weird so it will be a little off.

  8. Thanks for the writeup, I've been meaning to figure out snatch for a while now. Also, I found a decent way of adding items to snatch if they're not in your inventory is to find them on the ah and then whisper the link to yourself. If you click on the link the item will be added to the snatch window.

  9. not a bad idea ive always just purchased what i needed.