Monday, October 19

Leveling and making gold

So yesterday night i started myself a shaman that I'm gonna attempt to level. I got him one piece of BOA gear the stone keeper shard shoulders. Also i gave him 4 netherweave bags to make things easier on me. Now I know this is not a super traditional way to show how to make gold even though I'm playing a low level since i have those advantages. I plan to try and show though how you can level a class and make a good bit of gold while leveling a worth while profession.

I gave my character 20g to use for training and a mount however, when i give gold totals for my character i plan to only tell you how much I made over 20g. I plan to level JC/Mining while leveling my shaman this is what i plan to use as my source of income. I won't be using my other characters professions to synergies or if i do I must Tip the character for DEs and such. I would like to know what people expect as an average tip for a service such as D/E if you could leave that in comments that's what ill choose. My plan is to not use bid/low sell normal on this character to create income. Instead i want to use commonly found items (ex. Meat, Cloth, Greens, quest items) and sell them on the AH as a way to make money alongside selling my JC items or dust gained from D/E my craft items. I think this will provide a good view in how to make money while leveling for new players and old.

Also Look for a Diary report in a few days no big news had a slow weekend.


  1. The strangest coincidence, im doing the same thing atm, using the same class, and the same proffesions, weird, huh? :) Didnt give him any gold though, just bought the 4 bags and got a friend to boost me in RFC and WC once. Currently at lvl 26 and have 100 gold, a big chunk of that came from selling the wool cloth, also had trouble selling the low level rings, but putting the price just below disenchant value solved that. cant wait to see your results, good luck!

  2. I appreciate the encouragement. I really didn't need the gold but I plan to use it for gear and such because im lasey and dont have time for instances. Thats why it will be subtracted from my total. Have you tried DE and selling the mats im sure that would be even more profitable around level 40-60.

  3. Didnt tried DE them yet since auctioneer disenchant value was 1g20s for them and i sold them for 1g0s. By the way, hope your server has cheap shaman glyphs, the ones i want to buy are currently going for 20g and 50g. I'd make em with my inscripter, but that will defeat the entire purpose of this experiment :/

  4. Well it would and wouldnt if you follow the rule to pay him for the mats i guess 5g would be about right. I may do the same ill let you know how the glyphs are.